Helping Hand to the Iranian Heroines and Heroes

Her name is Bavan, a Kurdish girl from Mahabad whose mother, Freeshte Ahmady was killed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

In the wake of Mahsa Jina Amini’s tragic death at the hands of morality police in Iran, protests and demonstrations have swept across the country. These events have led to the unjust imprisonment of innocent civilians, leaving their families to bear the burden of their absence. Moreover, protesters have suffered injuries or lost their lives during these events, resulting in emotional and financial hardship to their loved ones. We cannot ignore this injustice; therefore, it is crucial that we act now. By donating to The Kurdish Aid Foundation, you will help the families of political prisoners and those injured or killed during the Women Life Freedom protests.

The death of Mahsa Jina Amini sparked protests in Iran. Innocent protesters have been unjustly imprisoned, injured or killed, causing emotional and financial hardships for their loved ones.

You can support the families of prisoners and those affected by donating to The Kurdish Aid Foundation. Your contribution can make a significant difference and provide much-needed relief. By standing in solidarity with these individuals and their families, we can help them through these difficult times.

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