Iranian Women revolution

The world’s biggest women’s revolution with the slogan “Woman Life Freedom” is currently happening in Iran. The brave Iranian women are fighting for freedom of speech as well as for equality of woman in society, which is only achieved by replacing Iran’s Islamic regime with a secular Democratic government.

The current protests were sparked by the death of the Kurdish 22-year-old woman, Jina Mahsa Amini, after she was arrested for what the Islamic Republic of Iran considers improper hejab. On 17 September 2022, during the funeral of Mahsa (Jina) Amini in her home town Saghez, Kurdish women removed the headscarves they must wear by law, and began chanting “woman, life, freedom”.

Woman, life, freedom’ quickly spread across Iran as protests over Mahsa Jina Amini’s death engulfed the country

Since this uprising has started more than six month ago:

– Around 600 people have been killed including 71 children (7-19).
– 20,000 have been arrested and are under extreme psychological torture in prison.
– More than 4000 young girls and boys are missing, with no confirmation of the arrest.
– School girls are being poisoned with toxic gas at more than 16 schools all across Iran.

The most beautiful young protesters are arrested in streets and then raped in Iran’s prisons by many of the guards. Some die of internal bleedings and many of the girls and boys are then transferred to psychiatric hospitals for so called mandatory Islamic education! Those who are killed are being buried in  unnamed places and their bodies are kept by the government and only released for  huge amounts of bail. Whilst the families of the deceased are under extreme pressure during the funeral, the national guards use this situation to further shoot and kill more innocent people during the ceremony. Injured protesters are scared to seek  help in hospitals and are at risk of infection as they will be arrested, if they choose to see a doctor. Any medical staff treating the wounded will be prosecuted and jailed. We are kindly asking all the democratic governments and people around the world to be our voice.

How you can help

A new initiative to free political prisoners in Iran and provide medical kits to the vulnerable. A call in support of Nilofar Hamedi, the journalist who first broke the news about Jina Mahsa Amini’s arrest and hospitalisation. We condemn the arrest of dozens of journalists and call on the Iranian authorities to release them immediately; we are deeply concerned about the arrest of more than 80 media workers, including Niloofar Hamedi, the journalist who first broke the news about Jina Mahsa Amini’s arrest and hospitalisation, and call on the Iranian authorities to free them without delay; call on the Islamic Republic to respect  freedom of expression and belief of everyone living in Iran; express concern about the criminalisation of and violence against medical professionals by the security forces and call on the Islamic Republic of Iran to provide civilian medical personnel with all available assistance so they can provide impartial medical aid.

– Writing to international human rights organizations to highlight the plight of the political prisoners.
– Providing financial aid through dedicated programs to free political prisoners and provide them with access to a lawyer of their choice.
– Providing medical packs to the vulnerable.

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