Dr Shafiq Harris

Dr Shafiq Harris BDS LDSRCS FICD MDS FDSRCS- Trustee and Director

After a wave of Iraqi army and police atrocities in Kurdish towns and

villages,Shafiq began his humanitarian relief to Kurdistan, in 1991.


Shafiq experienced the barbarity of the Iraqi army first hand in the 1970’s

and since then the aim has always been to try and improve the lives of

those persecuted and those otherwise affected. He registered the

Kurdish Aid Foundation in the UK in 1994 and has continued to supply

medical and humanitarian aid tothe Kurdish region ever since.


Professionally Shafiq has worked as a Maxillo-Facial Surgeon in the

UK since 1976.This includes extended spells in the NHS and the

British Armed Forces.He currently works as a Lead Oral Surgeon in

the NHS on a part time basis.