Powerful Kurdistan earthquake is deadliest of 2017

Kurdistan Iran’s earthquake victims still homeless, suffering in winter

Over a month after the earthquake and despite freezing weather, homeless victims of the November earthquake have to spend winter in tents.

Charity concert

Join us for a night of music and fundraising at London's Ealing Town Hall. All proceeds will go to the reconstruction of the Kermanshah earthquake region. please share the link and ask your friends in London to join us.  Time:

Aljezeera’s report on the earthquake

Iran-Iraq earthquake: What happened and why Death toll The majority of victims were Iranian. IRNA, the country's state news service, said on Tuesday that at least 530 people were killed and 7,817 were injured. Officials in Kermanshah said most of

Please help us to help them

We are asking you if you could please help by donating to Kurdish Aid Foundation. We will make sure that your donation reaches those in need.